M.Terk - Alien Coils 2 Pack

by M.Terk


These handmade coils made to the highest of standards will provide you with superb flavor and unrivaled vapor production. This is where M.Terk made is name in the industry! You defiantly dont want to miss out on these!! 

Specs: 3-27g/36g 
Choice of 2.5mm or 3mm diameter. 
REMINDER: 3mm diameter is a 4-wrap build, suitable for Tube Mods! ** 

2.5mm Resistance:
  Dual coil 0.1Ω - 0.12Ω 
  Single coil 0.2Ω - 0.22Ω

3mm Resistance:
  Dual coil 0.08Ω - 0.1Ω 
  Single coil 0.16Ω - 0.18Ω 

Specs: 3-28g/36g 
5-wrap on a 2.5mm diameter. 
Resistance: 0.15Ω dual or 0.3Ω single coil** 


Package contents:

1x Pack of M.Terk - Alien Coils