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Renegade Wires produce quality building wires, at a budget price, with staples like A1 Grade Kanthal wire, and specialist wire like the all new FLAT Wires, and even the Cloud Chasers favourite, Renegade X wire. You are sure to find a something that suits your needs!

Renegade wires are produced in a specialist factory are clean and made with safe to vape materials only. All packs include two packs of organic Japanese cotton.

Renegade Kanthal Wire 15ft
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Renegade Vape 15ft Spool of A1 Grade Kanthal Wire. Includes 2 pads of genuine Japanese cotton. Please choose which gauge you require from the drop down. 28g is thinnest 22g is thickest.  28 gauge= 0.3mm 26 gauge= 0.4mm 24 gauge= 0.5mm 22 gauge= 0.6mm
Renegade X Wires
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Renegade X is medical grade stainless steel composite alloy with high levels of cleanliness and purity. Resistant to corrosion,more versatile and better at handling high temperatures including dry burning than 317L wire, Renegade X does not degrade like 317L. If you love Hot wires, Chaos wires and the like Renegade X is ideal! Renegade X will give you outstanding clean flavour with no noticeable taste given off by the coils, coupled with its low resistance properties, Renegade X is ideal for producing massive vapour! 28 gauge= 0.3mm 26 gauge= 0.4mm 24 gauge= 0.5mm 22 gauge= 0.6mm 20 gauge= 0.8mm

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